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The purpose of crèches and nurseries are to accommodate children whose parents need to go back to work at the end of their maternity leave up until the child reaches the age of 4.  The child could go to the nursery/crèche part-time or full-time.  The child can also stay in the establishment during lunch time.  The opening hours are usually from 7:00 am - 6:30 pm  Monday through Friday.  They generally close for one week at Christmas and four weeks in the summer.

The staff team consists of professionals in early childhood who organize various educational activities, look after children and ensure their safety and well-being.

Childcare services

Parents should be aware that places in these childcare centres are limited which often leads to long waiting lists. 

The intake/allocation of available places is usually done in the April for the beginning of the "school" year which begins at the end of August. It is very unusual to find free places during the year.

Parents who are looking for childcare are advised to make their application in the commune where they reside first followed by the area in which the parents work, as these are the main criteria used for awarding childcare places.

  • In Geneva the BIPE (Early Childhood Information Office) responds to all applications for childcare facilities. It is both a help  desk and a hotline for families. It welcomes parents, gives guidance on the different types of care and registers enrolment applications for all the centres supported by the City of Geneva .  It also allocates places using specific criteria .
  • For other communes, childcare centrespdfare the responsibility of the nursery service run by the "mairie" (the commune's town hall).
  • CERN is close to the towns Meyrin  Vernier  and Satigny  and they have lists and information about their childcare centres and crèches.
  • The crèche Scoubidou  is the only private nursery in Geneva.  Registration is open to everyone without restrictions on place of residence or work.  Priority is given, however, to employees of partner organizations: ILO, EBU, TSR, UNAIDS, PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS.

The cost for a place in a childcare centre is dependant on both parental income and the number of days attended (2-3 days minimum).  For international staff, financial contributions are higher.

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Canton of Geneva  

There are two crèches for emergency care  in Geneva which cater for urgent and temporary requests for childcare for children between the age of 0 and 4.  The reasons for this request range from illness of a parent or resumption of professional duties to requiring childcare due to the loss of existing childcare facilities.  Priority is given to residents in Geneva

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KINDERGARTENS AND DAYCARE CENTRES ( Jardins d'Enfants and Garderies)

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Kindergartens and daycare centres offer a host of regular childcare facilites for children aged between 2 and 5. These centres offer half days services to enable children to socialise and to prepare for school.

Drop-in centres provide respite care for a limited period of between 2-3 hours usually for children as young as two.   

Childcare List

In Geneva, the BIPE  (Early Childhood Information Office) deals with all requests. It is both a help-desk and a hotline for families.

The BIPE welcomes parents, gives guidance on the different types of care available and registers enrolment applications for all kindergartens supported by the city of Geneva.

Geneva has two drop-in play centres for children under the age of 5.

For the other communes, the childcare centrespdfare under the responsibility of the nursery service run by the  "mairie" (the communes town hall).

Meyrin has a daycare centre ’Arc-en-ciel and the town of Vernier also has several kindergartens and a nursery. Satigny has a kindergarten

There are also some non-subsidised kindergartens pdflocated in Geneva and others which have attachments to private schools.  A list of these can be found on  the Geneva Association of Private Schools website.


Fees charged  are dependant on parents' income and the number of days the child attends the institution.

  • Fees in Geneva
  • Fees in Meyrinpdf
  • Fees in other communes:check with your "mairie".

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Your child will be looked after for the time required during the day by a host family.

Host families are employed by childcare agencies who provide childminders and co-ordinate between the parent and childminder.  The centre also draws up the contract and co-ordinates the other procedures relating to this. 

In order to find a child minder, you must contact a childcare centerpdf close to where you would like to have your child looked after. 


From 01/01/2011, a new system, where the hourly charge is proportionate to income is charged and the childcare centre/ agency will manage the payment of wages and social charges.

For more information, please contact your local childcare centre/agency.

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THE FAMILY CRECHE (Crèche Familiale)

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"Family crèches" organise and supervise the care of the child at the home of a  family crèche worker. Every week, the workers and the children spend at least half a day at the crèche.  The workers are hired, supervised and paid by the crèche.

There are 2 crèches familiales in Geneva.

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This form of childcare takes place in the parental home.  The role of Mary Poppins  is to take over from parents during their absence (between 7 and 19 hours) with a minimum of 2 days per week The cost is dependant on parental income and ranges from 60 to 130 CHF/day for 10 hours of childcare.

This specialised recruitment agency offers a range of services to meet the needs of the family:full or part-time care for children at home on a regular or occasional basis. Another service which they offer is baby-sitting. 

The team is made up of mostly midwife students at the High School of Health in Geneva and student nurses who have completed neonatology courses. They provide baby-sitting services for all ages: From night-shifts for new-born babies to baby-sitting after school in the evening and can also accompany families on holiday.  



Canton of Geneva

  • Le Chaperon Rouge (Little Red Riding Hood) is a service that looks after children at home 7 days a week whenever a problem arises with regards to childcare for children aged between 0 to 12 years of age.  The agency looks after sick children, provides emergency childcare and stands in when the existing childcare facility is not available. 
    Uni-emploi helps connect students at the University of Geneva with individuals through the services it offers online.  An annual fee of CHF 30 is required to access this service.  The University also suggests recommended hourly rates .
  • Dépannage bébé: the daycare centre Arc-en-ciel in the Meyrin commune offers an emergency childcare service (once the child is registered), for children from 4 months to 2 years of age.

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Primary education is the first stage of compulsory schooling which starts from the age of 4.

For more information, visit our pages on Education

Frivate schools also offer schooling for very young children.  For further information, cunsult the guide AGEP

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