CERN - Human Resources Department

Welcome Brochure for Staff Members

Part One: Integration at CERN

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1. Introduction


3. Arrival at CERN

  • Where is CERN?
  • How do you get to CERN?
    • Arriving by train
    • Arriving by plane
    • Arriving by car
  • Reimbursement of your journey to CERN

4. Settling in at CERN

  • What should you do on your first day at work?
  • What are the arrival formalities?
  • Do you need any special documents?
    • Documents required by the Swiss authorities
    • Documents required by the French authorities
  • Do you need to undergo a medical examination?
  • Arrival in your department
  • What are CERN’s working hours?
  • What are CERN’s official holidays?
  • Safety in the workplace at CERN
  • Training, an important asset
  • CERN induction course

5. Rights and duties, privileges, immunities and protection

  • Rights
    • Financial benefits
    • Family benefits
    • Social insurance cover
    • Leave
  • Duties
    • Conduct
    • Intellectual property
    • Safety
  • Immunities, privileges and protection
  • The Staff Association

6. Social security

  • What is the social cover at CERN?
  • The CERN Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS)
    • Procedure for exemption LAMal
    • What is the extent of cover provided?
    • How do I get medical costs reimbursed?
    • What should I do in the event of hospitalization?
    • Where can I get further information?
  • What maternity benefits does CERN grant?
  • Medical Services and Hospitals
  • Am I insured against loss of salary?
  • How does the CERN Pension Fund operate?
  • What unemployment benefit does CERN pay?

7. Other CERN allowances

  • Family allowance, dependent child allowance and infant allowance
  • International indemnity
  • Reimbursement of education fees

Part Two : Integration into the region

8. Preparing for your move abroad.

  • What administrative and other formalities do you have to complete in your current place of residence?
  • What documents should you bring with you?
  • What are the important things that you should know before leaving?

9. Where to live - Switzerland or France?

  • The cost of living.
  • Work and residence permits for your family.
  • School systems.
    • Education in Switzerland.
    • Education in France.
  • Crèches, day centres and nurseries.
  • Town or country?
  • Public transport

10. Accommodation.

  • The CERN Housing Service.
  • What initial possibilities does the service offer to newcomers to CERN?
    • How long can you stay in the Housing Service-run premises?
    • How can the Housing Service be contacted?

11. Settling into your country of residence.

  • Removal Costs.
  • What are the formalities for importing personal effects and furniture?
    • Customs duties and formalities in Switzerland.
    • Customs duties and formalities in France (for people arriving from countries outside the European Union) 
  • What are the formalities for importing and registering a car?
  • Will I need to change my driving licence?

12. Integration.

  • What you need to know to help you integrate.
  • Individual advice on social security.
  • Relations with the Host States Service.

13. Bibliographical sources and references.